Refund Policy:

  • We provide a refund of your deposit less a $5 cancellation fee if you cancel 7 days or more before your party and do not wish to reschedule.
  • Within the week before your party, we will hold your deposit for a future booking (to be used within a year).
  • If your child becomes ill and you need to cancel your party, please contact us right away. 

Rain Policy:

In the case of rain when you have booked our outdoor bubble play (either on its own or with the combination package), we have options.

  • If you have a party that is all outdoors and are cancelling your party, we will work with you to either reschedule or refund your party.
  • If you are moving your party indoors, we can convert your party to our indoor bubble show.
  • If you have booked our combination indoor show + outdoor bubble play, we can either convert the party to our indoor bubble show only - or we can stay for as long as you have booked us and continue to play bubble games with the kids indoors.  The amount due will only be for what you choose to do.

When we do not refund your deposit:

  • If we show up to your party, and you have not canceled our services, the full contract amount is due.
  • We do not give refunds for weather unless you cancel BEFORE your party.  
  • We do not give refunds because it was cold or windy on the date of your party.  In fact, we tend to be the most fun thing at those rare parties with miserable weather!  :) 
    We are willing to get wet and cold right along with your guests.