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For parties at parks and other outdoor-only venues, we offer our Outdoor Bubble Play Program, where the children get to make their own bubbles outside for a full hour.

We provide kiddie pools as our giant bubble solution trays and a wide range of fun, professional bubble wands for the everyone to make great bubbles!  Our bubblist can teach the kids how to make great bubbles and give out bubble tips and secrets.  Also, our bubblist will keep the equipment nice and tidy and ready for the best bubble experience.  The bubblist can also make lots of bubbles for the children who love to chase and pop bubbles.

1 hour   1-40 children
Additional time is available    
Additional bubblists are available    

For 40+ children: please see our Outdoor Festibubble Program.


**Please note that we do not do our Bubble Show outdoors.  While our bubblists are amazing, wind trumps all talent!  If you do want a bubble show, please see the The Best Bubble Party.  We are happy to perform shows in garages or even pop-up tents on flat ground with 3 full, solid sides for wind protection when you book a show.

Reminder: If you would like to see your guests to go inside of a bubble, you need to book either The Best Bubble Party or the Indoor Bubble Show