When you are on a tight schedule - or you just want to keep everything indoors, we can fit the bill with our Indoor Bubble Show. (as short as 25 minutes and up to 45 minutes - we fit your schedule)

We provide indoor entertainment that will be remembered for years to come. The Bubblist™ will perform a show on the magic, art and science of bubbles with bubbles you've never dreamed of. See a real live rainbow materialize right before your eyes. See square bubbles, triangular bubbles, bubbles that bounce and float inside other bubbles! Every child will even get a chance to step inside of a Giant Bubble!  We'll even let adventurous adults experience the world from inside a bubble!  Our show is masterfully performed by your bubblist, who will inspire lots of audience interaction.

Have your cameras handy - or see our Party Photography Service!

approximately 45 minutes

  1 - 40 children

For 40+ children: please see our Bubble Assembly Program.

You may inquire about our availability and/or make a payment as soon as you are ready.